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Questions and answers concerning Quality Management System of MMZ

Supplier Control
How does the manufacturer qualify the vendors who supply raw materials (including welding wire)? If auditing is used, please explain how the audit process is performed.

A comprehensive assessment is carried out for suppliers in accordance with the requirements of the implemented documented procedure DP 7.4-00 Purchase and control of contractual deliveries. Acceptance at the warehouse, storage and delivery of material resources to the manufacturing.

How does the manufacturer qualify the vendors who supply services such as calibration or non-destructive examination?

Contracts with the authorized regional state-owned enterprises, namely the Carpathian expert-technical center and Zakarpatskiy Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification.

Explain the receipt inspection process used by the manufacturer when material is received.

Technical Control Department (TCD) workers check the availability of documents certifying the product quality, check the parameters of conformity of products described in a documented procedure DP 7.4.3-00 Incoming Control for Semi-finished Materials and Components.

Travelers and Work Instructions
Explain the process used to provide detailed instructions to the shop floor for performing specific activities. Is a traveler system used? If so, provide a description of the level of detail for a typical traveler.

Suitable system of operational route sheets for the manufacture of parts and components with the name of the operation, sequence of operations, the time required to perform the operation, control mark of the operation. If necessary, the operational processes are developed for phases "assembly", "welding" and "control" with a description of jigs and fixtures, tools, equipment, welding modes, methods, and volume of control.

Material Traceability
Explain how material traceability is maintained from receipt of the raw material through the completion of the manufactured equipment.

A detailed manufacturing plan is developed with a mark of work done during each shift for the production of parts with filling of quality certificates for the finished product. If necessary and upon the request of the customer the marking of all parts is carried out with the marks of the executors and Quality Control Department controllers with entering information into registering books and documentation of appropriate conclusions concerning the quality and identification of material and executor.

Is weld material maintained in a controlled area with limited access? Is weld material issued and returned in a controlled manner? Explain.

Welding materials are stored in the area with limited access and are given out to welders with the notice in the registering book.

Does the Company qualify weld procedures and welders? Identify the specific codes used for qualification.
Rules for certification of welders, approved by Gosnadzorohrantruda Ukraine dated 19.04.96 No. 61. SNIP: 3.05.03-85; SNIP: 3.05.04-85; III-18-75; SNIP: 3.03.01-87; DBN.V.2.5.20-2001; NPAOP0.00.1.20-78; OST24.050.34-84; PN AE G-7-003-87 - LLC "Elektroyuzhatommontazh".
What information is included in the weld record (the documentation that provides the information for each completed weld, for example: welder, weld material lot number used)?

During the manufacture the reports are made on the control of edges preparation for welding and visual measuring inspection of welds where the following information is entered:

- Name of the welder;
- Stamp of the welder;
- Welding material used;
- A method for performing welding;
- Information about the executed joints and their sizes;
- Information about the controller which checks the quality of the work performed.

Non Destructive Examination
What codes or standards are used for non-destructive examination performed? Is non destructive examination personnel qualified? Identify what code or standard is used for qualification.

The contract is made for works with SC Carpathian ETC. Certification of non-destructive testing specialists is carried out by SC Carpathian ETC according to NPAOP 0.00-6.14-97 "Procedure for certification of specialists in non-destructive testing". On the moment, non-destructive testing specialists are certified according to ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A.

What NDE activities do you subcontract?

— Ultrasonic inspection method DSTU EN 1712: 2005

— Radiographic DSTU EN 12517-2002 control method;

— Visual and optical control method DSTU ISO 17637:2003; DSTU EN 13018:2005;

— Magnetic particle inspection method DSTU EN 1291-2002;

— Capillary control method DSTU EN 1289-2002.

Describe the qualification and certification requirements for individuals who perform non-NDE inspection activities such as dimensional inspections.

Quality Control Department staff employees have higher technical education, also two people passed theoretical training in the amount of special training programs for supervisors and passed test for practical knowledge of incoming inspection, visual and measuring control in LLC "Elektroyuzhatommontazh"

Is calibration performed using nationally recognized standards and are standards used listed on calibration reports?

DSTU for tools and equipment to be calibrated.

For calibrations performed by vendors, is the vendor required to have an accreditation? If so, what specific accreditation is required?

Yes. Subcontractors provide the necessary certificates and permits in accordance with enterprise standards.

Test Lab
Does the Company maintain a material test lab? If yes, what testing can be performed?

The company has a spectrum analyzer of chemical composition of the metals, which is used for sample checking of materials during incoming control.

Document Control
Explain how the manufacturer assures that shop personnel only uses the latest approved revision of procedures and drawings.

According to the requirements of the documented procedure DP4.2.3-04 Design Documentation Management, DP4.2.3-05 Technical Documentation Management. Responsible specialists are assigned at office departments and manufacturing departments which are responsible for the safety and relevance of documentation.